Vegetable packaging you can plant

Ben Huttly's 'Eco Packaging' is environmentally friendly and ideal for green fingers so you can grow your own ingredients
Ben Huttly, Eco Packaging
Ben Huttly, Eco Packaging

Sick of all the unnecessary, unsustainable and downright bland packaging that's thrown your way whenever you buy fruit and veg? Visual communications designer Ben Huttly may just have the answer; the young British student is set to create a packaging – and gardening – revolution with his new range of Eco Packaging.

At first glance the minimalist tags labelling the produce might seem like humble paper and string – yet a closer investigation reveals the true sustainable credentials of his designs. The laser cutting of the tags ensures no harmful inks are used, and the string is biodegradable and unbleached. What's more, the tags are actually made from thousands of tiny seeds, meaning you can plant them and make your own home-grown produce!

Not only does this 'zero-waste' packaging have no negative impact on the environment, it helps regenerate growth and encourages healthy habits. Such designs really signal a shift in the way we think about buying our fruit and vegetables, perfect for the environmentally conscious age we are slowly adopting.

And with all those fresh, seasonal vegetables to look forward to, why not take a look at Vegetables from an Italian Garden, the definitive season-by-season guide to cooking vegetables the Italian way and a helpful planner of what to plant when.


Follow the link to Inhabitat for more Eco Packaging designs.

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