Ever have trouble remembering all the states in the US? Here's a visual aid

Dan Cassaro's Fifty and Fifty project sees 50 designers construct a new way to look at the 50 states of America
Katie Lee, Nevada (2011), for the Fifty and Fifty project curated by Dan Cassaro
Katie Lee, Nevada (2011), for the Fifty and Fifty project curated by Dan Cassaro

Ever have trouble remembering the different states of the US? Graphic designer Dan Cassaro's new project Fifty and Fifty: the State Mottos represents the states in a novel visual way that will have you recalling the different states and winning pub quizzes in no time.

Cassaro has curated 50 artists throughout the US to give their own illustrative interpretation of their state mottos. The mottos range from patriotic messages such as Wyoming's 'Equal Rights' down to remnants from a past era, such as Massachusetts' 'By the sword we seek peace but peace only under liberty'.

One of our favourites is from Nevada-born graphic designer Katie Lee, who is currently Art Director of New York design firm Local Projects. Lee's design shows her home state's motto 'All for our country', stamped across an image of a Native American chief. This ironic interpretation invokes both the aspirations of the state, as well as its complicated history.


Follow the link to Oh Comely Blog for more details.

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