The coolest lights in our new book Room

In the spirit of Rem Koolhaas’s Fundamentals, a series of essential but eye-catching interior elements
Filament Mind

1 / 21 Filament Mind


2 / 21 Datagrove

wNw Bar

3 / 21 wNw Bar

Speed of Light

4 / 21 Speed of Light

Design Republic Design Commune

5 / 21 Design Republic Design Commune

Fearful Symmetry

6 / 21 Fearful Symmetry

D-Edge 2.0

7 / 21 D-Edge 2.0

Hotel Particulier

8 / 21 Hotel Particulier

Mozilla Factory Space

9 / 21 Mozilla Factory Space

IWI Orthodontics

10 / 21 IWI Orthodontics

Studio East Dining

11 / 21 Studio East Dining

John Currin and Rachel Feinstein’s apartment

12 / 21 John Currin and Rachel Feinstein’s apartment

OHWOW Book Club

13 / 21 OHWOW Book Club

Beauty & Essex

14 / 21 Beauty & Essex


15 / 21 Dune

Tacofino Commissary

16 / 21 Tacofino Commissary

Ett Hem

17 / 21 Ett Hem

L'AND Vineyards Resort

18 / 21 L'AND Vineyards Resort


19 / 21 Submergence

D-Edge 2.0

20 / 21 D-Edge 2.0


21 / 21 Datagrove

A building is always more than just a sum of its parts. Nevertheless, viewing those parts in isolation can sometimes tell you more about where contemporary design is right now than looking at all the pieces in place. Take this year's Rem Koolhaas-curated Venice Biennale for instance. Entitled Fundamentals, the show isolated a building's constituent parts and presented them in a groundbreaking way as individual displays of balconies, corridors, windows, doors and so on.

We thought it would be fun to follow Rem's lead and pick apart the various bits of our new book Room, breaking the interiors down into the elements that go to make up an always stunning whole. Today we're focusing on spaces that feature great lighting. 

With this in mind, click through this selection of lighting choices from Room, from breath taking artist houses, to temporary tech installations, to elegant office environments - Room has them all! Browse through the selection above, check back soon for the next element (the staircases in the book are catching our eye at the moment...), and if you like what you see, you can buy a copy of the book here.

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