A sneak preview of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011

Eye-catching creations from top young product designers
Kenneth Cobonpue, Voyage range

1 / 18 Kenneth Cobonpue, Voyage range

Kenneth Cobonpue, Bouquet range

2 / 18 Kenneth Cobonpue, Bouquet range

Kenneth Cobonpue, Amaya range

3 / 18 Kenneth Cobonpue, Amaya range

Kenneth Cobonpue, Dragnet Range

4 / 18 Kenneth Cobonpue, Dragnet Range

Kenneth Cobonpue, Bloom range

5 / 18 Kenneth Cobonpue, Bloom range

Kenneth Cobonpue, Tilt range

6 / 18 Kenneth Cobonpue, Tilt range

Cory Grosser, Walt Disney Signature, Airline 009

7 / 18 Cory Grosser, Walt Disney Signature, Airline 009

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Vitra, Tip Ton

8 / 18 Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Vitra, Tip Ton

Andreas Kowalewski, Clamp

9 / 18 Andreas Kowalewski, Clamp

Marset, Scantling

10 / 18 Marset, Scantling

Urbanzen (Donna Karan)

11 / 18 Urbanzen (Donna Karan)

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Nanimarquina, Losanges

12 / 18 Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Nanimarquina, Losanges

Tom Dixon, Bulb Chandelier Long

13 / 18 Tom Dixon, Bulb Chandelier Long

Tom Dixon, Bulb Chandelier Wide

14 / 18 Tom Dixon, Bulb Chandelier Wide

Tom Dixon, Roll Table - black base

15 / 18 Tom Dixon, Roll Table - black base

Tom Dixon, Cast Chair

16 / 18 Tom Dixon, Cast Chair

Tom Dixon, Etch Light detail

17 / 18 Tom Dixon, Etch Light detail

Tom Dixon, Etch Lights

18 / 18 Tom Dixon, Etch Lights

This year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) begins next weekend at the Javits Convetion Center (14-17 May). With over 590 exhibitors from 40 countries there will be an array of new eye-catching designs. Our gallery brings together some highlights by designers including Tom Dixon, Kenneth Cobonpue, Blu Dot, Walt Disney Signature, Vitra, Andreas Kowalewski, Marset, Nanimarquina and Urban Zen.

British designer Tom Dixon, selected in Phaidon's &Fork - a directory of the most promising young designers - will be showcasing an innovative range of new lighting and furniture designs. Bulb is an energy efficient oversized lightbulb designed in reaction to the phasing-out of the incandescent bulb. It is a CFL light bulb that can be used individually or as part of one of three new chandelier frames. Etch is a series of digitally manufactured shades which allow intricate patterns to be cut directly onto the metal. Scoop, chairs designed for maximum comfort, envelope the sitter in a black woven wool seat with generous proportions. Cast, on the other hand, is a simple-construction chair with cast iron legs, described as 'no-nonsense industrial chic'. Equally practical is the Roll range, tables with rolling wheels to enable tables to be reconfigured with minimum fuss, or grouped together.

Kenneth Cobonpue, also featured in Phaidon's & Fork, will be exhibiting at the ICFF for the 10th year. Taking inspiration from nature, some of the ranges in the 2011 catalogue include Bouquet, a collection based on an attractive medley of flowers with a resin top in a signature floral relief pattern on a stainless steel base. Dragnet is influenced by fisherman's nets and created from fabric wrapped around a steel frame. Similarly Amaya is based around fish traps and 'projects an aura of a vortex trapped within a cylinder'. Tilt pays homage to the old-tradition of woodworking by crafting individually cut and sanded pieces that are joined at different angles. The Voyage collection is a means to journey to a world of dreams in a bed reminiscent of papyrus reed boats. One of Cobonpue’s new designs is Bloom: hundreds of fine running stitches branch out from the centre of the seat, inspired by delicate blossom, allowing the organic beauty of the outside to be brought indoors.

You can see the work of Cobonpue and Dixon along with hundreds of cutting-edge designers at the ICFF and find out more about them in & Fork, which features 100 of the world's most exciting and important young product designers, as selected by 10 renowned design experts.


Rebecca Carr

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