Queer Eye's Antoni guests on Putnam & Putnam's Podcast

Darroch and Mikey Putnam talk first jobs, tattoos, and TV success with one of the stars of the Netflix hit series
Antoni, as he appears on the image for Putnam & Putnam's latest podcast episode
Antoni, as he appears on the image for Putnam & Putnam's latest podcast episode

The actor, food and wine expert, and Queer Eye co-host Antoni Porowski has a little something extra to add to his resumé. “I’m a unicorn?” he tells the world-beating floral designers and podcast hosts, Darroch and Mikey Putman. “How cute!”

The term, in Putnam & Putnam’s view, describes “amazing people doing extraordinary things,” as Darroch explains in the latest episode of their podcast, Unicorns do Exist. “The main thing is that they love every second of what they do,” he adds.


Darroch and Michael Putnam
Darroch and Michael Putnam

Though that certainly describes Porowski’s place in the hit Netflix show, which has proven to be such a big hit from the moment it aired – Porowski’s phone was “glowing” with Instagram updates soon after it began streaming – but it wasn’t always the case with his first job.

He tells Mikey and Darroch about working as a bilingual babysitter for a short while, speaking French to help the kid pick up the language. Unfortunately, one of the kids overheard Porowski’s phone calls in English, which the boy then repeated more or less verbatim, once the parents had returned. “The mother told me ‘he repeats full conversations,’” Porowski recalls with dread.

Thankfully the childcare business’s loss is the entertainment industry’s gain; during the interview Porowski describes the show’s screening process, which involved plenty of “chemistry testing” to see whether or not he would get along with his co-hosts, and how the series has enabled Porowski to be himself around people a little more easily.


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You can listen to the full espisode – which also includes Mikey’s tale of working for Abercrombie & Fitch for all of four hours, Darroch’s take on tattoos, and why Putnam & Putnam have only ever been booked for one gay wedding – here

For more from Putnam & Putnam, get their Flower Color Guide. For more on floral artistry (including more on the Putnams) get Blooms: Contemporary Floral Design and for a readable, understandable critique on queer culture get our fully revised and updated Art & Queer Culture.


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