Putnam & Putnam choose the 'It Flowers' of 2018

New York’s hottest floral designers capture this year’s most coveted flowers in their new book, and post some online
Michael and Darroch Putnam. Photograph by Eric White
Michael and Darroch Putnam. Photograph by Eric White

Darroch and Michael Putnam, the married couple behind New York’s leading floral design firm, Putnam & Putnam, try to follow the seasons. “The most beautiful flowers you will find are usually those that are in season near your home, at the peak of their growing season,” they write in their new book, Flower Colour Guide. “Not only will this make them the most beautiful, but also the most affordable because they do not have to be transported from a great distance and they will last longer.”

However, Putnam & Putnam got their big break styling flowers for Vogue, and follow the seasonal trends too, and, in some sense, the 400 plants they’ve selected for The Flower Color Guide, are the it flowers of 2018.

“Now that our book is dropping on shelves world wide, it’s time to talk about the damn flowers,” the pair write on Instagram. “Choosing 400 stems was no easy task (we shot about 700 in total to edit down).”

Michael and Darroch picked out the flowers that were “relevant, curious, widely available, rare, aspirational,” they write, a “total mixup of what we feel are the IT flowers of 2018.”


‘Cafe au Lait’ Dahlia from The Flower Colour Guide
‘Cafe au Lait’ Dahlia from The Flower Colour Guide

For the following year, the pair will post one of these fashionable stems each day, alongside a few tips. In tune with the season we are starting off with the MOST COVETED (and temperamental) flower of fall,” they write, “the Cafe Au Lait Dahlia.” A beautiful, timely choice guys.


Flower Colour Guide

To see how this fits into their floral spectrum, order a copy of their Flower Color Guide here.



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