Noma Japan's tableware is up for grabs!

In advance of the Tokyo pop-up restaurant's closure, Redzepi and co have put its bespoke items up for sale
Noma Japan's tableware collection
Noma Japan's tableware collection

Food lovers, prepare yourselves for a small serving of envy: those lucky enough to have snagged a booking at Noma at Mandarin Oriental, René Redzepi's Japanese pop-up restaurant, will not only have enjoyed the world famous chef's stunning Japanese winter menu; they will have also eaten it off some pretty impressive tableware.

In preparation for the restaurant's five-week residency at Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental hotel, the Danish restaurant's team collaborated with 14 Japanese artists and artisans to create a suitably impressive range of cutlery, crockery and custom-made furniture.


 Large serving tray by Masashi Ifuji
Large serving tray by Masashi Ifuji

The collection was co-curated by with the Korean-born, Tokyo-based stylist, Sonya Park, and includes some very impressive examples of contemporary Japanese ceramics, stone-ware and lacquer-ware, created by such craftsmen as Takeshi Omura, Masanobu Ando and Akito Akagi.

However, almost any gastronome can own these items soon, as the restaurant is selling it all off, in preparation for the pop-up's closure on February 14. At Noma's dedicated online store you can pick up everything from a small black stoneware bowl, designed for the restaurant by Masanobu Ando, for $25, through to a shelving unit for $2,890, which was actually built by the Danish firm, Wahl&Ross, though it was, they say, “inspired by the beautiful, traditional wood working tools used for generations by both Danish and Japanese craftsman.”


Large plate by Kouichi Uchida, with a slice of white chocolate and stone-ground Japanese date cake. Courtesy of René Redzepi's Instagram.
Large plate by Kouichi Uchida, with a slice of white chocolate and stone-ground Japanese date cake. Courtesy of René Redzepi's Instagram.

These items are, strictly speaking, second-hand, and shipping costs have yet to be determined. Still, if you wish to recreate such Noma Japan delights as raw botan shrimp served with local ants, then this is the crockery to serve it all on.

To browse the whole collection go here; for a greater insight into the mind of the chef who made all this possible, buy our Redzepi books, A Work In Progress and Noma; or even consider this René Redzepi collection. Meanwhile, for a richer understanding of porcelain, buy our Pot Book, written by the world-famous ceramist and author Edmund de Waal; and for a better grasp of Japanese design, take a look at Wa.

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