Radical cartography in Oslo

French journalist and cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz explores centres of world power in unusual new show
Radical Cartography - Philippe Rekacewicz
Radical Cartography - Philippe Rekacewicz


We like the look of this show, Radical Cartography,  at Oslo gallery OO47. It intends to challenge conventional views on international politics and economics, environmental issues, and conflict-related conditions and is the work of French journalist and cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz, who from 1996 to 2007, directed the UN cartography unit at GRID-Arendal in Norway. The show will include his maps, illustrations and graphics exploring what he calls “the current pluralisation of the world centres of power”. The exhibition runs from 14 September to 14 October.

For the past 15 years, Rekacewicz has been at the forefront of cartography as a journalistic genre and form of expression that (de/re)construct categories from which to understand the world and the structures of power that inhabit it. Rekacewicz practice uses data as a means for social awareness and involvement. Each of his maps is concurrently a carrier of information, a perspective, a journalistic digging, and a visual presentation that not only includes the cartographer’s work, but also artists, illustrators, architects and city planners.

Through 170 maps, graphics and illustrations, as well as 52 articles written by leading experts, Le Monde diplomatique Atlas 2012 analyses and challenges predominant views on global politics and economics, environmental issues, and conflict-related conditions.


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