Scrabble design makeover - Comic Sans not included

If you love words and typography and obviously you do - Andrew Capener has designed the Scrabble set for you

Naturally as lovers and exponents of both good typography and the written word we had to let you know about this new version of Scrabble. It's been created by American designer, photographer, musician and general, all round renaissance man, Andrew Capener.

It comes in a solid walnut box containing six magnetised panels that fit together to form a 19-by-17-inch playing surface for the pieces which comprise 15 different typefaces. "The idea was to excite people about typography," Capener says. You can choose which font your Scrabble set comes in or you can choose the standard mixed font item."

The scrabble board and cork-lined interior box are made from walnut and birch. It's available from Capener's site signed, numbered and priced $199. Additional font packs (including your favourite font, because, let's be honest is the place where you can safely admit to having one) can be ordered through Scrabble's own website. Of course, if fonts are your thing you'll find plenty and more in the Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design.



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