'And you're sure it'll be strong enough?'

This trompe l’oeil Lego bridge by street artist Martin Heuwold aka MEGX had us fooled - for a while
'Lego' bridge - MEGX
'Lego' bridge - MEGX

OK, we include this picture for no other reason than that we - like countless other creatives over the years - adored Lego as kids. Actually, this bridge, adorned by street artist Martin Heuwold, better known as MEGX, in the tiny German town of Wuppertal is not actually made using our favourite children's toy. The bright colours, protruding cylinders and inverse voids are actually flat but rendered in shadow to produce the trompe l’oeil effect. It's located along the Wuppertal Bewegung e.V., an old industry artery, recently converted to a 10-mile long pedestrian walkway. Sure breaks up the walk.


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